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Squid Tribute Shows

Moses Guest : Squid Tribute Shows
(1) Friday, September 17, 2021 – Fort Lewis College Outdoor Amphitheater, Durango, CO, 5pm, All Ages, Free.
(2) Saturday, September 18, 2021 – Animas City Theatre, Durango, CO, 8pm, 18+, Free.
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A preview of “Henry’s Chapel”

Read a preview of Graham’s next book Henry’s Chapel, published by Sagging Meniscus Press as a part of its “Blank Page Series” in early 2022.


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Moses Guest – Heights Theater, Houston – Nov. 1


Sarah Grace opens.

Tix $22: https://www.prekindle.com/promo/id/530585115365517865?fbclid=IwAR0moXlIFYynM28FU7TaN2vwVeNd7ZUzcbQEYLKg8JizgrJSa-8n7lueZVk

All Ages – Doors at 7pm.

Venue Address:  339 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008.

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Graham Guest – Solo Acoustic – Wed, July 3 – 5pm – Ketchum Town Square

Graham Guest will open the Eric Lindell show on solo acoustic guitar in Ketchum Town Square on Wednesday, July 3, at 5pm.

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Thursday, July 11 – Sawtooth Brewery – Hailey, ID

Friday, July 12 – Pengilly’s Saloon – Boise, ID – with Bread & Circus

Saturday, July 13 – Cascade Raft & Kayak – Horseshoe Bend, ID – with Bread & Circus

See www.mosesguest.com



for show details.

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Graham Guest Opens for Ramblin’ Jack Elliot – Sun Valley Opera House, ID

Graham Guest will open solo-acoustic for legendary Ramblin’ Jack Elliot at the beautiful Sun Valley Opera House on April 2.2o19.

Doors at 6:30pm.

Tix $30 at:



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Fantastic Review of Definition in Atticus Review

“It maintains a powerful conceptual edge throughout that successfully underpins its experimental project. Although the book’s primary audience is inevitably going to be the dictionary dreamers, outsider academics, hobo lexicographers, and steampunk language philosophers, the book also poses reasonable questions for more mainstream users of ‘definitions’ as well: after all, if a dictionary is not definitive, what is it? Approximate? Scholars would probably instantly point out that yes—a dictionary is exactly that: it is a usage guide, not an argument for a non-contradictory internal system of word meanings. Does it matter that, as Floyd points out, the definition of ‘parking lot’ in the dictionary might also apply to hotel lobbies and ‘the bottom of the ocean’?

Well, Floyd unpacks that for us as well.”

Fantastic review of Definition in Atticus Review, a fantastic literary journal. Thanks to Chris Lura for writing such a beautiful review.


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Guest Opens For & Plays with Bread & Circus I Pengilly’s, Boise ,12/1/18

Guest will be playing 30 – 40 minutes solo acoustic to open the show, focusing on old and new Moses Guest tunes.  Guest will join Bread & Circus on electric guitar and pedal steel during B&C’s first set.


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Moses Guest at Last Concert Cafe – Houston – NYE 2018-2019

MOSES GUEST will perform at Last Concert Cafe in Houston, TX, on New Years Eve 2018-2019 with CAROLYN WONDERLAND.

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Definition, One Sheet

The first thing you need to know about Definition is that it was a written by a fictional character, Wayne Floyd, from Graham Guest’s debut novel, Winter Park, which, of course, means that Floyd didn’t really write Definition; Guest did.

In any case, Floyd (aka Eric “Socrates” Swanson) is a PhD student in philosophy at Rice University until fate leads him to Dude Ranch Rodeo College and Penal Camp in West Texas, where he writes Definition, a dissertation (of sorts) in philosophy (of sorts), under the tutelage of one Doc Holiday.

Definition is a book of philosophy, but, unbeknownst to Floyd (because Floyd is utterly serious), it is also satirical meta-philosophy, which is to say that Floyd makes some real philosophical points, but he also unwittingly pokes fun at philosophy and himself.  

Perhaps the best way in to the book is to imagine that you’re an absolutely literal-minded logical being from another earth-like planet, an alien with Asperger’s Syndrome, like Star Trek‘s Dr. Spock, and you’ve landed on earth long after humans are gone, the only artifact you find is this one dictionary, and, for whatever reason, you begin your investigation into human life on earth by looking into the definition of “parking lot” – an open area of ground in which people can park their automobiles.

Over the course of the book, Floyd closely examines the definition of “parking lot” and tests it to see whether the concept it represents corresponds with what it refers to in the external world, as we perceive it.  Philosophically, then, Floyd is looking at questions that arise at the nexus amongst concepts (epistemology), words (philosophy of language), and the external world (metaphysics).  Definitions, he discovers, are not so well defined.

Guest/Floyd’s narrative voice is highly reminiscent of the late David Foster Wallace’s (author of Infinite Jest), but what makes that so weird is that, at the time he wrote Definition, Guest/Floyd had never read any David Foster Wallace.  Definition and Guest pick up pretty naturally and effortlessly where Wallace left off.

Guest’s writing, from Winter Park, through Definition and Tailgater, to Lawnmower (novel-in-progress), is a balanced blend of Wallace, Faulkner, and David Lynch.

Floating Records Press is an independent publisher based in Hailey, ID.  Its mission is to bring unusual, exceptional new prose to light.

Available in print ($9.99) and eBook ($4.99) at Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Print ISBN:  978-0-578-20152-8  ~ & ~  eBook ISBN:  978-0-578-20199-3