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Review of Henry’s Chapel by Jacob Appel for 3:AM Magazine

Renown writer and reviewer Jacob M. Appel has written a great review of Henry’s Chapel for 3:AM Magazine, “rendering the unmentionable mentionable”:

“Henry’s Chapel is a decidedly real and raucous masterwork about an unreal and likely unwatchable film. Only an extraordinary talent can transform a B-movie into a literary tour de force, and Guest has done so with wit, class and insight.”


/ Books, Henry's Chapel

First review of Henry’s Chapel at Heavy Feather Review

Here is the first review of Henry’s Chapel (Sagging Meniscus Press), by Christopher Lura at Heavy Feather Review.

/ Books, Henry's Chapel

A preview of “Henry’s Chapel”

Read a preview of Graham’s next book Henry’s Chapel, published by Sagging Meniscus Press as a part of its “Blank Page Series” in early 2022.