Dear Readers,

Definition is my second book. My first, Winter Park, is a novel. Definition is not a novel; it’s a book of philosophy/satirical meta-philosophy: it’s hard to tell where the real philosophy ends and the satirical philosophy begins. Also, Winter Park came out on Atmosphere Press (Austin, TX); Definition is out on Floating Records Press (Hailey ID), and it looks like whatever I put out in the foreseeable future will be on Floating Records Press.

Some of you may recognize the name Wayne Floyd (aka Eric “Socrates” Swanson) from Winter Park, and, of course, he’s one of the two main characters in Winter Park (the other being Harris Birdsong (aka Nat Stobbs). Definition is Floyd’s “philosophy” “dissertation” from Dude Ranch Rodeo College and Penal Camp. That explains why I’ve written Definition under the pseudonym, or pen-name, Wayne Floyd.

You can purchase Definition right now for $9.99 from the Lulu Bookstore. Definition will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., in 6-8 weeks, say early-mid April 2018. There is also an eBook version available.

I should warn you, however, that Definition is a very strange read. You might stop after the first page and throw it against the wall. But I’ll tell you this: it is utterly unique. And if that’s not enough for you, well then just hang on another year or so: I’ve got another novel called Lawnmower in the works, and it should prove to be a lot less irritating; it may even be really good.